Need a driver in India?
Travel India by hired driver... hassle free.

Lal Tours, operated by Rakesh Yadav, offers couples, groups, students and individuals first class driving and taxi services. We can take you almost anywhere in in northern india like Rajastan, the Taj Mahal, Jaipur, New Delhi and beyond.We have modern, clean vehicles that offer more comfort and safety than busses, trains or public taxies. Even better, you can choose your departures, rest stops and arrival times. If you are going on a trip-of-a-lifetime or a shoestring budget - we can help make your trip fun and affordable.


Save yourself the headache and hassle of booking trains and negotiating fares. Spend your time experiencing Incredible India. Contact us with your itinerary and we can help you plan your journey. Or just e-mail

First time to India? No problem.

First time visitors to India sometimes need some extra comfort - it can be a very overwhelming experience. We want to make your first impression the best impression from the airport to all your destinations. With an experienced driver and guide we help make the transition easy and painless. Once your ready to roll, traveling with us means you aren't locked in a tour bus with dozens of people that stops where every other tour stops. You are in control. See the things YOU want to see. All you have to to is pick where you want to go.

India veteran? Also, no problem.

If you have been to several times or come to India on business - we can provide swift and efficient services to and from the airport. We can also accommodate groups like weddings and school trips. Leave the hard work to us.