Safe drivers. Safe cars.
Meet Rakesh Yadav: a safe and reliable driver in India.

Rakesh Yadav has more than 20 years of experience driving tours and tourists in India. He has logged countless kilometers over India's highways and roads. That means he has the know-how to keep every guest safe - which is one of his biggest priorities. He is fully licensed and holds all legal permits.


All that time on the road means Rakesh knows how to find every major sightseeing stop AND all the small, hard-to-find places in between. Most tour groups will stop at the same places - with Rakesh you can stop wherever you want. He can even suggest places you never even heard of. If you are looking for authentic antiques, spices, markets or cultural sights known only to locals - he can show you the way.


After hundreds of tours, Rakesh can provide tours in English, providing interesting facts and information about almost every area that you won't find in your guide book. Don't take our word for it - we have testimonials to prove it.

Travel in Luxury: Many Cars to Choose From

Lal Tours is pleased to offer all tours in the new Toyota Innova, one of the most comfortable ways to travel India. The Innova can fit up to six passengers. Because it is a larger vehicle, the Innova is one of the safest, most reliable vehicles on the road. Once you take a ride on a typical Indian road you will be glad you made the right choice. Not to mention, it can soften a few of those potholes!If you are looking to travel in a smaller car - let us know and we can arrange a Tata Indigo or Suzuki Desire.


Costs of your tour

Because we offer customized tours, we don't list specific prices. Prices can also change with the price of gasoline and time of year. High season is generally between November and April in North India. Contact us with your itinerary and we can quote your a competitive rate. Here is how we calculate costs:


1) 15 Indian Rupees per KM (depending on gas prices)

2) 400 Indian Rupees per day (for driver accommodation)

3) Applicable state taxes (varies per state)

4) Parking fees for sites and attractions


These prices include:

1) Use of well maintained car with A/C

2) Free bottles of cold water replenished daily


Please note that these are base prices only and do not include accommodation, meals, etc. If you require hotels and restaurants let us know and we can suggest locations and prices to match your budget.

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