How to reach us.
Finding Rakesh is easy.


Mobile 1: +00919 87121 0389 (From North America: 011-91- 919 87121 0389)

Mobile 2: +00919 95006 2900


Address in Delhi:


Lado Sarai

New Delhi 110030

Home Address:

VPO Kathuwas

Teh. Behror

Dist. Alwar




If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or phone us - calls are inexpensive and always the fastest way. If you are writing by e-mail please allow up to 12-hours for a response, as there might be a time difference. Just ask for Rakesh.


Please note: that we are not a full-service travel agency. That means we can help you get to where you want to go - but it is best if you have a general idea of what city and hotels you are interested in staying at. If you want a help booking hotels let us know and we can arrange that with one of our trusted associates.


In your e-mail please be sure to include the following information:

1) Date of arrival / Departure

2) Desired length of tour

3) General itinerary

4) Number of guests

5) Indicate if you require accommodation bookings


About this site

This site is designed and maintained by Mike A from Canada. I am a traveler that hired Rakesh in 2011. I was so impressed with his service I wanted to help other people from around the world find him. That's why I built this site. He is an independent driver - meaning all your money goes to support him and his family. He is an honest man who quotes prices that are reasonable. If you are looking for cheap service, at the lowest price he is not the man for you. If you want to pay a fair price - I guarantee you will have a the trip of a lifetime. When he gives you a quote - please note that his prices are fair and go a long way.


You can contact me if you have any questions


"On my recent, one-month long, first-time trip to India, I had planned a tight itinerary which was to include a one-day retune visit from Delhi to Agra. My friends in Canada recommended that I hire a reliable driver because taking the train would have been complicated since I wanted to visit Fathepour Sikri, Akhbar’s tomb and the Taj Mahal all in one day (with a stop for lunch at a restaurant that I had selected from the internet). So I searched the internet and found Mr. Rakesh Yadav (see: whom I hired as a driver for one long day – the best decision I could have made. Being unfamiliar with how to hire a car and driver in India over the internet, Mr. Yadav was very knowledgeable and helpful with his detailed advice and e-mail communication and very accommodating with arrangements prior to my arrival in Delhi. Among other things, Rakesh is an exceedingly skillful driver (a challenging task at best) and I never had any fear or concern for my safety in daylight or night driving. He attended to me like a friend, but always addressed me as “Sir.” He seemed to know when to ask about my comfort. Sometimes we used the air conditioner, sometimes we just had the windows open. We stopped for tea and lassi along the way, we laughed and talked about all sorts of interesting things such as Indian culture, languages and history. This made my experience richer and more meaningful. Rakesh arranged the entrance tickets and guides to the various monuments in a timely and efficient manner, all so very smoothly and thoughtfully. Rakesh helped me to re-charge my Airtel account and find working ATMs where I could withdraw money. By the way, Agra looks to be a lovely place to stay a night or two. The most difficult part of my journey was having to say goodbye to Rakesh at the airport. If you’re planning a trip to anywhere in northern India, I can recommend Rakesh Yadav without hesitation."

- Michael G. Ladouceur, Professor, McMaster University, Canada.


"Rakesh treated us like family. We spend 13 days in his care and it was the trip of a lifetime. It was our first time to India and we were certainly happy to have him navigate the roads. He's a great, safe driver that was helpful and informative. There really isn't anything he doesn't know - and we would travel with him again when we return!" (Mike Armitage, March 2011)