Got questions?
We have answers.


Where can I go?

We specialize in Rajastan, Delhi, Agra, and north India. We can pick yo up in any city or at any airport or start your tour wherever you want. We are able to do simple airport pick-ups or long haul journeys that can last up to 30 days.


Do you book my hotels?

We don't book hotels ourselves, but we have associates who can plan and book all your accommodations on your behalf so you don't have to spend all your time calling, reserving places to stay. This means you are free to chose the places you like - or take our advice. Just let us know if you need help and we can make suggestions.


Do you stop at tourist shops?

Nothing worse than ending up a shop -- only to find out your driver gets a commission for stopping there. We stop only where you want to stop! If you are looking for AUTHENTIC crafts, gifts and other items we can provide you with stores/shops that offer quality items.


What if I want to change plans mid-tour?

It's your vacation - so if you want the flexibility to stop wherever you want you are free to make changes, stay a little longer or leave a little earlier.


Why can't I get a smaller, cheaper car?

We want to provide the best, most comfortable, safest ride for our guests. We drive the Toyota Innova, which is the best option for the infamous Indian roads. Why take a risk in a smaller car?


How much does a tour cost?

Hard to say. It depends on the duration of your stay. But once you come up with an itinerary, we can give you a ballpark figure. Typically we charge 15rs/km plus 400rs per day for the driver's accommodation. That include things like gas, insurance, taxes, and FREE cold bottles of water.


Can we do a one-way tour ?

Yes, we can drop you off wherever you want. We do charge for the driver to return to the starting destination on a per-kilometer basis.


I feel a bit awkward hiring a driver. It feels a bit extravagant...

Not to worry. Once you figure in all the time it takes to book trains, haggle with tuktuk drives, agents and guides - taking a driver is practical and easy way to see india. It's actually a common thing to do. From back backers to luxury tourists - all see the benefit of using a driver.


Where does the driver go? Does he follow us?

The driver will spend night in a separate hotel, or inside the same hotel, depending on availability. You are not obligated to 'hang out' if you just want some quiet time. Or have some company! Because we provide you with a mobile phone you can go for a stroll through a fort, market or palace and just call for a pick-up! Simple.


How do we pay for our tour? Why don't you take PayPal?

If we require a deposit -we will ask you to pay a through Western Union. You can pay the remainder of your balance once you arrive in India in cash. There are many ATMs available. We don not accept PayPal as Indian Law does not allow for payments from outside the country for more than $500USD.





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